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"Non aetate verum ingenio apiscitur sapientia."

Not with age but with the talent to reach the wisdom.
Tito Maccio Plauto

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The SDM is a company of coordination and control of different realities and projects undertaken by its founders in the last 10 years.Is involved in research and development in the field of agriculture, food production from animal origin with a strong tradition and Italian , both in Italy and abroad ; ecological research , environmental sustainability and promotion of Italian culture in the rest of the world. The fields of application range from tourist receptive to the World's Leading , network d ' enterprise, however, suitable for the creation and development of sustainable production companies related to the production of food, agricultural and integrated sevices . All projects started derived from a decade of experience and network of contacts around the world , which allows us to learn and deal with complex issues and adapt technologies and know- how to the region or the country of destination.

The SDM is born with the will to bring together different souls inside , sharing the heart and passion in our country, and interest in the work and in the Arab penicola ' northern europe with a stateless and multi-cultural approach is essential for a comprehensive view of their ' organization interdisciplinary systems .

In order to be able to promote and enhance the Italian territory the SDM is also equipped with a Tour Operator , Authentic Italian , through which conducts reception , event organization and dissemination of the culture of the beautiful country in the world .



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