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"Dubium sapientiae initium." Doubt is the beginning of wisdom.


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The SDM is designed to have a musical instrument of the volotà staff to manage the multiple activities of fodatori in the management of complex systems in the production of the primary sector and energy ; in management for ecological and tourism sector by bringing together these companies , multiannual research and genetic improvement in collaboration with various public and private entities of various nations.

The diversity and complexity of the projects followed , the SDM is responsible for and maintains as the only lighthouse , the design of sustainable systems of medium to long term , with particular attention to keeping them stable in the time variable . The aim therefore transcends mere economic calculation but it overlooks, with holistic presumption , on all aspects related to preserving the peculiarities that characterize the systems themselves . Our mission is , is to establish successful venture , but success tied to economic sustainability in the long-term growth of related companies or subsidiaries, in order to obtain employment , development and respect for the territorio.Il our ultimate goal , is carried out then , to preserve for future generations! those territories , in Italy and all 'foreign , that characterize the peculiarities and inspired our vision of life in generale.Ci proponiano also bring examples for the current generation of integrated projects with aims aspects of economic, productive , and social paseaggistio , are not only achievable, but necessary , making us spokesperson in the one idea of ​​the future that we conceive , in which the core values ​​of sustainability and recall the ' synergistic integration .

Only the claim and the presumption of wanting to leave a better world than the inherited one will give us the strength to make something beautiful.

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