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Sed omnia praeclara tam difficilia, quam rara sunt."
All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare Baruch Spinoza

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We are confident that the organic and sustainable growth is intimately tied to 'innovation and that the' only plausible answer to an increasing demand for adaptive technologies and know-how, the joint design is the same internal organ systems. Shared development between manufacturing companies and research institutions is the constant in all of our projects in which the Fuzion different skills is generating results that were unthinkable a few years ago. The development divienta therefore not only a parameter of economic growth but also a constant in the companies themselves.

Some of the projects that we are developing

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Breeding of buffaloes Redevelopment processes of Milk 
Ulivicultura  Sustainable Tourism

Our idea is to adapt this type of breeding new horizons in both geographical and productive having regard to its enormous potential and capacity for climate adaptation and rusticity



Dairy production is becoming increasingly important as both food production and as a value-added quality production.




The research on this age-old culture is focused on the rediscovery of the characteristics of ancient cultivars scattered throughout the country and internationally, which can give new impetus to this cultivation.


The promotion of a territory and the rediscovery of its values ​​also involves a different diulgazione its peculiarities. Nell 'teaches the concepts of authenticity and rooting are the basis of the draft tour that we are developing.



Art studio 


Plan and realization of movies in direct


Our continuous search for new stimuli and alternative visions made ​​us even arrive at the wonderful world of cinema. We have helped to give birth to the fine art of Alessio Liguori and Giuliano Tomassacci this feature that the best use of all the secret charm of our forests, combined with the skill of technicians, directors and actors is expressed in this sci-fi thriller full of suspense and atmosphere.









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